OBRA 90 based, Medication Specific Counseling Sessions(TM) (Consumer Medication Information) provided in digital/audio format with the intent of educating and motivating individuals to participate in their pharmaceutical care.

Hello, my name is Dr. Steve Leuck. I graduated from University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy in 1987 with a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy. I have been practicing pharmacy since 1987 in both hospital and community pharmacy.

Over the years I have counseled thousands of patients about their medications, written numerous articles for patient news letters, participated in multiple patient eduction programs, worked with regulatory and legal agencies regarding accreditation and licensing of pharmacies and maintained constant communication with the physicians that I work with on a daily basis.

It is clear to me that if patients are not educated about their medication and motivated to participate in their own pharmaceutical care, all the news letters, studies and regulations in the world are not going to help them achieve their best possible outcome.

I have come to understand and embrace a very important, if not the most important aspect of pharmacy; in my opinion, educating patients about their medications significantly increases their chance of having a positive outcome with their pharmaceutical care.

AudibleRx (TM) is designed to meet the needs of the audible learner. This format allows people to easily stop the media and back it up on their media player to listen to specific sections as many times as necessary.

Whether it be someone who is challenged with literacy, visual impairment, or just one of the many individuals that learn better by listening, everyone deserve access to Consumer Medication Information.  Make a commitment to provide Accessible Medication Education to your customers, clients and patients; information tailored to meet the needs of those that learn better by listening.



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Each Medication Specific Counseling Session (TM) is an original production; written, recorded and copyright protected by AudibleRx (TM). Unauthorized reproduction of recordings is not allowed.

Contact Steve at AudibleRx@gmail.com for more information.

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Terms of UseThese recordings are meant to supplement your knowledge and understanding of your medications and are not a replacement for counseling with your pharmacist or doctor.  AudibleRx maintains no liability for your medication education, understanding or usage.  This information does not allow you to take a prescription medication that was not prescribed for you.   AudibleRx has performed extensive review of each topic to assure the information provided is current and relevant; however, AudibleRx maintains no liability for and can not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in the recording sessions. Talk with your pharmacist or doctor before taking your medication and if you have any questions regarding your medication. All information provided "as-is" and with no express or implied warranties, including warranties directed to accuracy, non-infringement of any proprietary rights or a third party or fitness for a particular purpose.

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